Royal Gold CEO Talks Politics, Business and Why Weah Should be President

Shiekh Bassriou during show event with Flavour

Artists and basically anyone in the entertainment industry should have the freedom to talk about Liberian politics, especially if they are citizens, too. A lot of political commentators think that politics should only be a discussion between politically motivated individuals and the ordinary Liberian – not those who spend their lives entertaining people for a living, seemingly because it’s beyond their career title.

One entertainer, entrepreneur, event manager and showbiz tycoon has been stretching his right to talk politics, giving his reason for wanting change and why his vote will go to presidential front runner George Weah.

Sheikh Bassirou, the CEO of Royal Gold International, is no stranger to making statements, especially when it comes to staging successful concerts with some of the most talented artists in the world.

Under no circumstance has he ever let anyone strip him of his ability to speak his mind or have the freedom of speech to say as he pleases. With this in mind, he recently used social media, specifically live streaming, to educate Liberians and those following his industrial rise on why this presidential election is important to Liberia.

Under his Coalitions for Democratic Change Slogan, ‘Breaking Barriers and Building a Future,’ Bassirou, as he is commonly known, believes ‘A fresh start,’ ‘A new voice,’ ‘A new vision,’ ‘Securing our future,’ ‘Giving more,’ ‘The choice for change,’ should be what the mass of Liberian people should be thinking when it comes to picking a new government.

And he openly gave his support to the leadership of CDC and articulated his reason why in a video message shared across the world, including the Liberian Diaspora.

“I feel Weah is better, this guy has the country at heart. I know he will understand what is better for the country and try to at least do something and try to empower the young people and the country as a whole. Weah doesn’t have any responsibility in America, he’s not going to take the Liberian people money and go build houses in Europe and send his children to school. I believe the money will be kept in the country and his government will show development and improvement, education, job protection,” he passionately shared.

The entertainment industry has been very responsiveness for years. When it comes to national issues such as the electoral season, it uses its fame and platform to speak out about certain political issues. And Bassirou has stressed his right to have his opinion, even on foreign business people in Liberia.

“We need these people,” he continued, “I believe it’s about time Liberia is controlled by Liberians. The economy of Liberia now is being controlled by too many foreigners, especially Lebanese,” he added.

One point Bassirou brought to the fore that received massive response from those who viewed his video was the fact that Liberia is being allegedly milked out of its resources and money. According to Bassirou, foreigners are seen at banks everyday sending money out and he believes it’s because they don’t pay the right tax and “officials are in their pocket, partnered, which allows them to be protected from auditing.”

“I believe Weah and the new Liberian government will take Liberia to a different level and create a new capital city. I also believe we will be able to fight the tax invasion that is done by 90% foreigners. The empowerment foreigners have can now be given to Liberians as a whole, so it will stand for Liberians, because I’d rather have Liberians running the country than anyone else,” he added.

Meanwhile, no matter his political view or job description, entertainers should also have the right to speak about politics. Bassirou has never been shy to express himself; whether it’s through thousand-dollar arranged hotel suites for Liberian artists, or huge show bashes, he hopes that his voice will continue to make an impact on the right decision Liberia should make for its next and new leader.

“Ownership of Liberia is something we need the new government or the George Weah government to stand up for. I believe he will stand up for these kinds of rights,” he concluded.


  1. Interesting misgivings by someone who claims to be …..

    Liberians are NOT fools to elect Senator Weah as President of Liberia; the time to have attain the title
    is over. He’s not fit to lead Liberia, at least not now.


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