Risky – the Bloggers’ Best Man


By Claudia ‘Emotionz’ Smith

American based Risky, a hip-co rapper whose real name is Edmore Delaney Jr., was born to create. He created a smooth talking character with a suave rap flow out of a mere suggestion from Liberian blogger Berenice Mulabah and support from his present manager, Ike E. Wonasue; so much so that he become the rapper that “could leave a mark on the Liberian music industry,” if he puts in the work, he said.

Risky has stars like Buckay Raw, AG Da Profit, Cypha Da King chatting about him on social media, while DJs – like Las – spin his record on heavy rotation.

Before recording his hit song ‘You feel it’ on December 12, 2016, Risky was just an off the top freestyler battling anybody, until he met Ike, who introduced Risky to Berenice Mulabah before the pair musically morphed into what they are today.

His first recorded song as an artist was released on YouTube and Berenice Mulabah’s platform. ‘You feel it’ was an instant hit, and went on to garner over 20,000 views on YouTube and the Liberia Hip-co page.

The rave was a big deal for somebody who had just released his first solo project.

“I began receiving calls and bookings to perform at concerts and openings for big superstars. I’m currently working towards releasing my second single by April,” he shared.

Risky has a spot in the game now and he’s keeping it squeaky clean, aiming at several hits that could put him well on his way to solidifying his spot in the industry.


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