Review of the All Liberian Music Festival

Award-winning rapper Christoph performing at the All Liberian Music Festival.

The All Liberia Music Festival is over, but its legacy will live on forever.

Held at the famous Antoinette Tubman Stadium, the All Liberian Music Festival was an event that offered thousands of music lovers soul-touching and undiluted musical performances. The festival was also a perfect place for a day of pure escapism from the hustle and bustle of the nightlife in Monrovia.

The self-supported festival in its debut year was almost a full house event featuring performances from a diverse lineup of artists and inclusive musical genres ranging from Afropop, Gbema, and Hip-co and lot more of side attraction that makes a music event special.

Organized by Uprok Events, the All Liberian Music Festival experience was indeed a unique event that promoted unity among the players in the Liberia music industry — something which has been lacking over the years.

The festival was more than just an ordinary music event. It was an event that saw lots of unspoken camaraderie among the artists and the fans who interacted lively and peacefully.

Furthermore, the festival stood out as a perfect event for its bragging rights and the opportunities to wear outfits that many music fans could not wear at other events.

The festival which plans to return next year as the place to be because it is all about the music and the fun share between the artists and their fans.

With the list of several high profile performances from the likes of Christoph, Takun J, Lucky Bucky, CIC, fast-rising artist Stunna, Jaredo and MC Caro, the All Liberia Music Festival has etched a very good first impression as an event that delivered high-energy, jaw-dropping performances.

Although there were some human shortcomings, the All Liberian Music Festival was indeed an event that sows neatly and tightly the loose cultural relationships in Liberia by using music as a potent tool for intercultural understanding, as well as medium for appreciation of the country’s arts and culture.


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