Remembering Nakita, Stella Maris’ Late Beauty Queen


In the wake of the deadly Ebola virus, and the chaotic health scare it has caused those infected with and without the virus, another precious soul has innocently gone.

Nakita Diah Forh, a beautiful and elegant young lady with the style of a fashion model, has lost her battle with Asthma.

According to reports coming from her bereaved father, Reprehensive Edward Forh, she died as a result of the negligence of John F. Kennedy hospital.

“She was a sad victim of poor and inefficient health care delivery service at JFK when she was denied and rejected that night, the first time she was taken for medical attention,” Representative Forh told the Daily Observer earlier this week.

What is evident is the fact that she was unable to breathe as medical health workers allegedly refused to treat the dying beauty queen, who is said to have died in her father’s hands.

Nakita’s ‘untimely’ death, though a case of prominence, is not unique.  He father told Truth FM on Tuesday, September 30 that, “If it can happen to my daughter, imagine what’s happening to many other people across our country… This is no longer about Nakita Forh,” he said on radio, “this is about the lack of customer service and professional etiquette in every sector of our economy.”

Meanwhile, Nakita’s death has made a lot of her friends, fans, and classmates upset at how the health facilities are allowing people to die.

“This is total unfairness. It has been happening in the wake of the Ebola outbreak and we know this. But I wouldn’t have in a million years thought it would happen to my friend,” stated Michael Sirleaf, one of Nakita’s former classmates.

The late Nakita was the reigning queen of the Stella Maris Polytechnic Beauty Pageant 2013-2014 and had received a brand new car as a gift for her victory.

“She was so beautiful and elegant, I really loved her style” stated a facebook commenter who posted praises on her page.

“I personally had the opportunity of meeting her at Hott FM 107.9 radio station, days before her pageant win,” says DJ Emotionz.  “She graced the studio with other contestants to talk about their excitement towards the pageant.

“Nakita was an exciting young lady to look at, so filled with colors and beauty, and in my mind, I thought “what a promising future lie ahead for this girl. I am saddened that Nakita starred death in the face and was let down by those who are supposed to be there to save lives. I am also saddened that today we mourn the loss of a leader; a young lady whose future was definitely bright. RIP Nakita,” the deejay said.


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