Remembering Master Queen’s Time at Hott FM


Not too long ago, Liberians were introduced to a shy and quiet talent, Master Queen. That was 2009 when Liberia’s hottest female DJ was polishing her skill at Crystal FM. Then she was a presenter cum continuity announcer buying her time.

Feeling ready for the big leagues, Master Queen made the transition and landed at Hott FM.

That was six years ago.

Master Queen started working at Hott FM at a time when there was little opportunity for female broadcasters in Liberia.

Not deterred by the challenge, Master Queen fought very hard to climb the ladder, and in no time she became a household name.

For her time at Hott FM, she made her mark on the Liberian creative sector, which will never be forgotten.

Her show, Grace the Occasion, became the voice of the artist movement that was pleading for support from the Liberian people.

Not only did the show advocated for artists, it encouraged them to produce quality songs that will serve as stepping stones to get support from the Liberian people.

She spoke on understanding the business concept of music and the importance of artists treating their careers as businesses not hobbies.

Probably more than any other radio personality, Master Queen made it a personal crusade to call on Liberians and all listening to buy Liberian music and works of arts, that being an artist is a profession like any other out there. She became the rallying cry for struggling as well as established musicians and the arbiter of the kind of quality work Liberians deserve if they were to patronize musicians.

Master Queen’s ultimate goal was to erase from the minds of many artists that the Liberian people don’t care about their music, asking them to rather produce quality music that will inspire the people.

And we now see a time in Liberia when our musicians are putting out quality music, beats, lyrics and videos. Not only that the reception from Liberians here at home and abroad has been tremendous with the likes DenG, Takun J and Eric Geso commanding huge appearance fees for shows much like their Nigerian counterparts. Also, the world is finally taking note with Liberian artists being nominated for local and international awards. To say that Master Queen was responsible for all that would
be an understatement.

Definitely, Grace the Occasion will be missed on Hott FM for promoting Liberian music without favoritism as well as not criticizing people for not supporting Liberian music.

Due to this kind of quality, listeners of the show and many artists always shower praises on the radio diva for conducting the show in good manner.

“When I moved to Hott FM, I felt it was my responsibility to advocate and promote Liberian music in a more positive way. I wanted to make a change within the mind of the Liberian people and artists, which I did by encouraging the artists to record good songs before calling for more support.

“Today, the status of our artists is improving with support from the Liberian people, which came as the result of the good songs they produce. I will miss the Grace the Occasion show, the fun and the entertainment,” said Master Queen.

As a celebrated radio personality, Master Queen understands the music business and its impact on society.

We wish you success in your new journey. We at LIB Life know that you will make a success out of your new endeavor as you continue to promote Liberia’s growing music industry and our musicians. Godspeed!


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