Red Eyez CEO and Rawlo Squash Beef


A couple of years ago, not long after the Ebola outbreak, Yusuf, aka Red Eyez, and Rawlo cut ties. Rawlo was then the producer and engineer who was creating these merciless instrumentals and beats and had created a different kind of sound of instrumental mixing into the market, where it remains today. Rawlo is a great asset in the Liberian industry.

Back then, he said that his management skills were a far cry from professional though. Rawlo was in the past accused of not respecting the management morals of running a business; his first accusation dated way back when he was with Studio 57. Well, a couple of years after leaving Studio 57, he was accused of having the some ‘flaws’ at Red Eyez that caused the studio to be shut down without notice.

According to Red Eyez in an interview in 2015, the running of Red Eyez hurt its CEO who said he only asked that “gas be placed in the generator for the studio to continue running. Some days there was no gas and order,” he said.


Suliman Sesay, the acting manager then, was relieved of his duty before Rawlo left there as well. Red Eyez closed his studio doors and decided he was ‘done’ with the recording industry for good.

Presently, Rawlo is with T-Bund Records and is doing quite well there and has become one of the well recognized Nigerians working in Liberia.

Meanwhile, here’s a little background on Yusuf, aka Red Eyez. For many years, Yusuf permitted artists to record free in his medium sized room below his apartment, showing his love for the industry and why he’s been in it for so long. Red Eyez started his interest in music way before the war ended; back then, he was in Sierra Leone working alongside DJ Fada, engineering master Saissa and a host of others. He has maintained his entrepreneurship, running and managing his own business as a sales marketer and digital repairman.

Meanwhile, Red Eyez studio vanished and has been dead since then; Red Eyez has since moved on with his digital sale and repair shop and so have many of the artists he spent day in and day out supporting.

It is said that Red Eyez studio is back and will be up and running soon. A source close to LIB Life told us all about it.

“Yusuf just gave Rawlo some studio equipment and they patched things up. The studio is definitely getting ready to re open again, but we are not sure if Rawlo will run it again though,” they said.


  1. Time to get going and keep ya head up bro. Management is not easy, for the first step in management is planning and this time around if proper arrangement within the management plan don’t materialize a repeat of the past will come calling.


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