Rawlo on LIB with Hot New Track, “LIB: Life is Beautiful”


Who would have imagined that Red Eyez entertainment’s producer, engineer, singer and songwriter Rawlo Vinobles, commonly known as Rawlo the 7 Star General, would be at the top as Liberia’s biggest musical promoter?

This cool cat has been making a impact for the past three years while striving to do what he says he came here to do, and that’s promote a signature sound.

“I came here based on a invitation for a particular purpose, to change the Liberian sound. Vicky Freeman from Fabric Radio and Studio 57 invited me and I came,” Rawlo stated.

According to the corn-rowed musical wonder, things were shaky between him and his receiver due to what he described as a misunderstanding.

“That was the first company that brought me here. We fell apart because they didn’t understand me, or where I wanted to take Liberian music. Now I’m living my dream without them,” he said.

Now out with a banging party song called “LIB: Life is Beautiful,” Rawlo has contributed his vocals and instrumentals into another masterpiece.

“Whenever I ask people for the meaning of LIB, they say (Life is beautiful). I decided to give the full meaning of LIB and that’s how I came up with the song,” he explained.

According to Rawlo, anything that is as beautiful as the sound of music should be sexy and appealing to the ears.

“I came up with the sexy tone, while the beat is laid back. When I created the beat for the song, the first person that came to my mind was Cypha D’ King. I really needed to get him on the track and actually he did,” he says.  “I want to thank him for turning up and not disappointing me, as well as Santos, who brought the reggae vibes.”

Also, “LIB Life is Beautiful” has a collaborated mixture of different sounds from rap, hip-hop, RnB to reggae.

At a time when Liberia finds itself barely bereft of happiness due to the Ebola outbreak, this track reminds us why life is so beautiful despite the chaos around us.

Meanwhile, as the saying goes, “every good thing has to come to an end,” and this could be Rawlo’s last year in Liberia.

“I came here for entertainment, but this will be my last year here, sorry. I came for a purpose, and my purpose can never be fulfilled without money. I’ve decided to complete my mission. The signature sound that is making noise in Liberia came from me with the help of Freeze. I thank God that today we’re making a lot of noise in the country, and I feel my work here is done,” he says.

Furthermore, Rawlo says Red Eyez Entertainment has been of great help in his career, and says he couldn’t have done it without them. “The amazing thing about Red Eyez is, the CEO has allowed me to flow and do what I’ve wanted in the year I’ve been with them,” he says.

Meanwhile, as Ebola continues to claim lives as fast as water fills a cup, Rawlo and a few other entertainers are doing their best to keep their fans away from it.

“I’ve made a couple of tracks towards Ebola. There’s an all star Ebola track by T-Bund Studio getting ready to come out. Some producers and engineers like me have teamed up including King grind, Stone Gray, Luckshine and myself. I always talk about Ebola on social media and still preach awareness,” he noted.

Rawlo will be missed but not forgotten if he decides to leave. While he’s still here though, he plans to continue his legacy until his signature of sound can be left behind.

“Sincerely from my heart to the Liberian industry, this is the game: if you don’t invest money into it, nobody else will.  I urge all investors to come, and that artists start to travel out. To my fans, thanks for supporting me and not letting me down,” he says.


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