Rapper CIC Reveals Secret behind His Sudden Rise to the Top, Upcoming Album and Quincy B’s Death


It is no doubt, CIC is one of LIB’s hottest rappers right now.

The Montserrado native, who was born into a family of musicians, since his debut two years ago has risen from the bottom as a shadow rapper to becoming a hit-maker; thus living up to public expectation.

Unlike other rappers, CIC is complete package—one who doesn’t only have touching lyrics but also a person who has mastered and mixed his own song, which is a clear manifestation that he is definitely a true artiste who pays serious attention to his craft.

Currently preparing for his debut album, which is expected to drop very soon, CIC in this interview opens up about the secret behind his success, family background, and the late Quincy B’s death.

LIB Life: Hello CIC.  Can you tell us more about yourself and why you decided to enter the music industry?

CIC:  Thanks for the interview. It’s a pleasure being here. I’m a boy from a humble Christian background, who grew up in a church with Christian parents— both of whom are members of their church choir.

I was born as a musician, and I believe that singing is a natural gift from God.  This is my calling area and is the only thing I love to do. I do music to inspire, empower and to entertain as well as making a living off it since it is the job I‘m capable of doing now.

LIB Life:  You came from a Christian background, so why you decided to do secular music instead of gospel music? How was the process like and how did you manage to make it?

CIC: To me genre does not matter, but the message and how your song can better relate to people and inspire them. I do secular music because that’s where my passion lies. Despite not being a gospel musician, I’m still a God-fearing person, and I might do a few gospel songs in the near future.

I started on a difficult note. I have to work from many record labels just to record demos; and if I have to pay, I use my school allowance just to do that.  The journey was not easy. It was rough, but I managed to break into the music industry because I worked hard and continued to.  I fought my way in; I continue to do the same today.

LIB Life: You were in the same car with the late Quincy B when that accident happened and he died. However, you were lucky to survive, along with few other people?  What really happened that night? Were you guys actually speeding?

CIC:  I usually don’t like to talk about that accident but for clarity’s sake I will do it.  The accident happened fast and before I became aware, I was lying down with broken legs. It is just unfortunate that accident happened, but I cannot categorically confirm that Quincy B was speeding. I was not looking on the car dashboard, so I cannot confirm that. But I’m sure he was not. This is all I can recall.

LIB Life:  Since QB’s death, you have been accused by people who said you are aware of what killed QB or that your hands are involved because you wanted to take his place as Lonestar’s Cell brand ambassador. You have also been accused of predicting his death when you released the song Brother.  What’s your response to these allegations?

CIC:  I did not choose to become Lonestar’s Cell brand ambassador neither did the song ‘Brother’ predicted QB death. Firstly, I was nominated, along with several artistes, for the Lonestar’s  Cell brand ambassador job. After the voting process, I triumphed as the winner and became the company brand ambassador.

As for the song, it was about peace and unity, but people just misunderstood the lyric and that’s their business.  I’m not a prophet neither a soothsayer to predict someone’s death.  I was buzzing long before QB’s death and don’t have any knowledge or hands in his death.

LIB Life:  What’s the secret behind your high profile rise in the music industry? And tell us more about this upcoming album.

CIC:   (Laughs) I don’t limit myself to one style of music genre, and my ability to sing and rap in multiple genres and love for quality music set me apart from other artistes.  I put quality over quantity and do my best to make sure it is upbeat songs that make the listener want to dance and move. In a nutshell, my secret to success is quality first; no copying of people’s style or lyric but rather to discover my own.

The album will be out very soon and is almost completed.  I have not found a name yet and have not decided on the number of singles, but almost all the songs that will be on that album will be new songs coming in a variety of genre.

LIB Life: Lastly, who are your influences and what lesson have you learned since you came to stardom?

CIC:  I have a lot of influences in the music game, but Scientific is, of course, up-to-date my biggest influence. I love his music and listen to it a lot. However, I’m also a big fan of DenG and Kobazzie. I have learned that fame comes with constant hard work and once you stop, your game finishes and gets into controversy.


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