Rapper Casts Doubts over NEC’s Ability to Conduct 2017 General Elections


US based Liberian rapper WF Doc has casted doubts over the ability of the National Elections Commission (NEC) to conduct the upcoming general elections.

The “Mula Dance” crooner said in a press release that if NEC cannot conduct a simple voter registration process without irregularities, despite four months of planning, “it clearly shows that they are ill prepared to conduct 2017 elections.”

The release added that reports of defective cameras, misspelling of names by voter registrars, and lack of security personal at many registration centers across the country, mean that the upcoming election will face the same problems.

“Frankly speaking, lots of irregularities will take place during the upcoming elections, like polling centers opening late, among others. This is the truth: NEC is unprepared to conduct a free, fair and transparent election looking at their lapses right now.

“It pains my heart to received news about VR centers opening late in the leeward counties, like in River Cess and Grand Kru. In some cases, the center will remain closed due to defective cameras.

“Although some people will not agree with me, the fact here is that NEC is not prepared to conduct this election. I no longer trust their ability, looking at their failure to conduct this simple VR exercise,” the press release quoted WF Doc as saying.

According to the release, WF Doc said the Elections Coordinating Committee and the Independent National Commission on Human Rights have expressed the same fear of the NEC not being capable of conducting the upcoming elections.

“ECC and INCHR know this very well, but they cannot just say it openly. However, their continued concern about irregularities and other problems facing the VR process is a clear sign that they don’t trust NEC,” the release said.

Meanwhile, the Chicago emcee, who goes by his given names Wreh B. Funnebo, said in the release that NEC’s inability to put in place a proper screening method has encouraged aliens to register as Liberians.

“I’m not going to blamed anyone, but NEC for instituting poor screening methods, which make it easy for these people to break into the system. In addition, the lack of security personnel, most especially immigration officers, at VR centers is another factor.

“For me, NEC did not do their homework and that is the reason why security personnel are not assigned at every VR center across the country,” the release added.

The released noted that “as soon as the irregularities are addressed, the better things will be.”

WF Doc can be reached on Facebook and Twitter by the same name.


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