Quincy B’s Manager ‘Broken’ by LNP Charge against Him


Lewiz McCarthy, the manager of the late musical icon Quincy B., has revealed for the first time that he was totally broken when the Liberia National Police charged him with ‘consent of unregistered vehicles’ and ‘failure to maintain proof of financial security.’

Lewiz said he cannot describe the sad feeling that overpowered him when the LNP made the charges l against him, adding that he is still hurt by the insensitive action by the police.

“I never expected myself to be charged; but that’s life. However, during this period, Quincy B’s parents and family members were truly supportive. From the day I was charged, they knew I was innocent,” Lewiz added.

He said now that he has been freed, his current focus is how to help take care of Quincy B’s daughter and his family.

“During his lifetime, we built a solid relationship that went beyond a manager-artist relationship. He was like a brother to me. He was my strength and now that he is no more, I don’t know what to do. I shed tears every day, and I still finding it difficult to accept his death,” he added.

Commenting on the artist’s upcoming birthday on April 24, Lewiz said he plans on spending it with Quincy B’s mother, his daughter and her mother.

The case against Lewiz, which lasted about two weeks, came to an end when Traffic Court Judge Jomah Jallah dropped the charges against him on Monday, and ordered the Writ of Arrest of the case dismissed.

Below is Lewiz McCarthy Certificate of clearance from the court.


  1. Brother McCarthy, please have my deepest sympathy. Death is something that we all are struggling with. This is why it is extremely important to know the Lord. Because in difficult times such as death, it is only Jesus who can console us. He encourages us to cast our burdens on Him and He (Jesus) will grant us rest. Please whatever has happened to you give to the Lord in prayer. Crying and worrying is not the solution. The solution is giving it up to Jesus.
    Second thing that I want to do is to give a piece of advice to young people. Be very careful with what you do in life to avoid a tragedy such as this. If you are under the influence, please do not drive. Let someone else who is not under the influence drive. May God bless you brother McCarthy as you go through this period of bereavement. It is hard for us. But nothing is hard for Jesus!Just let it go!

  2. Comment:it will be well with all of us in Jesus name. Mr manager just bear patient and let pray for the little daughter of the late man and even the wife because her pain is more than we can. Let take courage


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