Quincy B Releases “Crazy in Love”


The long awaited “Crazy in love” single by Afro, Pop and R& B hits maker Quincy B, will be released on Saturday, June 13.

Crazy in love opens with a romantic beat and has a better use of instruments.
Its enchanting phrase, “I’m goin’ crazy”, creates a deep feeling in the mind. But the song is actually to portray Quincy B as falling in love.

In an interview conducted a few months back, Quincy said, “This is the first time I’m in love and don’t know how to express it. So I think expressing it through music will let my fans know that Quincy has fallen in love; and I’m just trying to appreciate my fiancée for the love she is giving me.”

Louise McCarthy, manager of Quincy B, said that this newest single will be released at Sky bar at 10 pm and that entrance fee for the show is $US10.

He added that the release of the single would be of a huge historical impact because it is the first time Quincy B would launch his music before putting it out for sale to the public.
He will be performing other hit songs while being on stage with industry headliners like Soul Fresh and Cassemoney, who have all promised a splendid performance.

“This is the beginning of numerous initiatives that is expected to take his career to another level,” Quincy B said via a mobile phone interview.
“From this release onward Quincy will be dropping one hit after another and hope to compile it all into an album,” he added.

He said further that international Liberian artist Scientific, who is based in Ghana, will be speaking live to fans during the release of the single in order to appreciate them for their support.

He added that the first hundred persons to enter the show will each receive free disc and will be allowed to use Bluetooth if they have smart phones to record the performance live.


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