Quincy B Congratulates Fans


After a successful release and huge turn up, Quincy B has sent his congratulations to fans for their presence and support following the launch at Sky Bar his hit single ‘Crazy in Love”.

Release on June 13 with the sound being produced by him, the hit single is the newest from the musician this time around.

“ I remain grateful to my fans for there support and the way they turn out left me surprised. But if they can continue, it will lead to an improvement in me as an artist,” he said.

He added: “I’m appreciative of the Almighty God for my talents. I also remain indebted to my fans and friends for there continue support towards the improvement of my musical game. Success couldn’t have been accomplished without there backing at different times.”

The singer disclosed that before the end of July, a new single featuring award winning star Eric Geso and titled “Leave”, will be released with a mixture of Afro Pop and R& B.

He said releasing new songs every month is part of his promise to fans that by year-end these songs will be compiled into an album and released at a bigger concert. Music can be demanding but with hard work more success can be realized, he stressed.

“Awards are not my driving force, I value the Liberian Music Awards but I feel honored when recognize. Again I didn’t get into music because of awards,” Quincy B said, after losing all three LMA Nominations. “Music is my dream and with it I can make the difference in someone’s life,” he added.


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