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It seems like a large door was opened for Margret Mamuchi Cephas, commonly known as Maggie, after her show-stopping performance during MTN Project Fame West Africa in 2013. Though the shy but talented teenager did not win, she took 2nd place, leaving some very robust singers behind. What was expected afterwards was to see her release track after track like most artists would (and should) on the momentum of such achievement. Many also searched their radio dials to hear the unique star brag over her next endeavor; but neither was done.

Reporters flagged the star down, requesting interview dates that flew in the wind, as none were ever made. And it came to mind; what was keeping this young lady from sharing her next master piece, or a possible track release?

LIB Life literally stumbled upon the quiet star and posed the ultimate, burning question: why had she been so silent?

Maggie has over thousands of views on YouTube of her performances during MTN Project Fame West Africa. She also gets hundreds of likes whenever she posts anything on facebook. Her accounts on social media clearly show that her fans are dedicated, and still mesmerized by her outstanding performances. So, we started a candid conversation during our random meeting, and she was kind enough to open up.


LIB LIFE: Hi Maggie, please introduce yourself.

MAGGIE:  My full name is Margret Mamuchi Cephas. Mamuchi is Bassa and stands for ‘a woman of light,’ my artist name is Maggie. Since Nigeria is where I got popular and publicity from, I use the name Maggie because that’s what they used to call me when I was there.

LIB LIFE: Maggie, we’ve been flipping through iTunes and other musical libraries in hopes of seeing track listing by you, but nothing. Since your achievement at Project fame; why the silence?

MAGGIE: Before I left for project fame, I had some major school issues. I should have graduated a year ago but because of ‘A star is born’ it dropped me back; kept me back in school. I’m studying biology and chemistry in school which is really tough, and music can’t compete with that. Though my parents support my musical career, they have always wanted me to deal with education first. I try to find a way to adjust my time and schedule, but it’s very hectic. I do music in my church anyways and I sing in the choir. I’m also the director of my choir in the International Church of Monrovia. I want to complete school first. By next year, things will get better.

LIB LIFE: Wow, that’s a focused mind right there and education builds leaders. Kudos on your decision. But now that all schools are closed due to this deadly Ebola outbreak, what’s new?

MAGGIE:  I did a single with Ro’Papers a few weeks ago, ‘Living in fear’ and did the track because school is closed and I’m free. I’m in the studio most of the time now and have two tracks, one that I composed myself during Project Fame, and one that Sweetz and I did called Blessed. Blessed is different from the one I composed called “Diary Thing”, which is a track compiled with everything that came out of Project Fame. Getting these tracks together was not easy, but I want everyone to know that I’m back.

LIB LIFE: We’re excited that the lady with the golden voice has decided to let the flow of her voice back out of the cage. But with the Ebola outbreak, where does that place you?

MAGGIE: I’m in the studio all the time because I don’t have anything to do at home. I’m learning to play the keyboard, writing more songs and packing them together. I’ve been taking them to the studio to create an album and I’m also linking closer to Red Eyez Ent.

LIB LIFE: Oh yeah? What’s the interest there?

MAGGIE: I’m attracted to Red Eyez because of Sweetz (Musulyn Myers). She’s my girl! She reached out to my manager and dad Emmanuel Cephas and told my parents that she wanted to help me. She started taking me to the studio, and as a result we’ve done the ‘Blessed’ song. She has been pushing me in a positive way and she’s also a really good friend.

LIB LIFE: Sweetz has climbed a lot of steps that many female artists have yet to climb; she’s a really good role model for you. So what do you hope for?

MAGGIE: Sweetz is supportive of me, I don’t have much experience and she has a lot, and I want to be around people like her who know this business.

LIB LIFE: I saw a video on facebook of you reading a book and pouring your heart out! Are you really that emotional?

MAGGIE: Very emotional! I don’t take hard jokes too well. What people don’t know about me is that I’m very emotional and cry all the time. I don’t like too much excitement, being the center of attention, or being in crowded places. I’m totally shy! Since Project Fame I have become overly sensitive.  I don’t have the guts to express myself and prefer crying about it than speaking out if something bothers me. My emotions affect me badly.

LIB LIFE: Is that the real reason why you have been so quiet? Like Michael Jackson, he had a compulsive disorder, and there are some artists who want to be all in the lime light. How do you handle your emotions when it comes to your music?

MAGGIE: I write poetry, document things I can’t say in a diary and so on. When I’m in the studio, I ask everyone to go outside except for the engineer and me. If someone says something to me while there for example, I’ll go off track and won’t be able to sing like before. For now, I try to keep my head straight though and realize that sometimes I have to perform even though there can be tension.

LIB LIFE: That’s hard to believe when you came as close as 2nd place during Project Fame, amongst other contestants who were thirsty to win. How did you do that?

MAGGIE: I was in ‘A star is born’.  Though it was not like Project Fame and up to date, it helped me get used to crowds and all of that. My church as well, singing in a choir helps me cope.  During Project fame, I took my mind off it; my emotions. I had to be able to fit, act and get in the mood. I don’t know how I performed on stage, but I just did it. I put my mind on the natural me, who loves singing and got on the stage and just did it until it was done.

LIB LIFE: Maggie, I appreciate you sharing  and opening upwith LIB LIFE. Is there anything you’d like to add?

MAGGIE: I’m an artist person, I’m into arts and crafts, design my own shoes, clothes and so on. I do a bit of this and that and I’m trying to figure out what I can do to put it all together. For now, Ebola is real, and Sweetz and I are spearheading an Ebola project. All I hear is sirens nowadays and I get scared sometimes, but I just look up to God. God never told us there wouldn’t be trials and tribulations; He says He will never desert us when they come. Let’s all be safe during this fight.  


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