Q&A with Lisa Gaye about the Launch of Angel’s Lip Cosmetics in Liberia


About to unveil the long awaited collection of Angel’s Lips Cosmetic in Liberia, a brand that is coming to create an appealing taste for women to beautify themselves in several colors, including black and brown for the Master Queen Collection, the brand owner said it will soon be official launch.

Because of its variety of daring looks and unflinching styles as well as its color-filled formulas, the brand glides on smoothly and provides full-coverage for eye-catching lips. It has graced the lips of many celebrities, including Kenya Moore and Cynthia Bailey (Real Housewives of Atlanta), SWV (the girls singing group) and has also been used on the runway during the Ebony Fashion Fair.

LIB Life caught up with the Lisa Gaye, the young Liberian entrepreneur who created the brand, in an exclusive interview, to talk about the launch and her business.

The launch will take place on December 26 at Peace Café starting at 6pm. The female DJ Collection will sell for U$30 for double, U$15 for single, with different colors available in stock.

LIB Life: Hey, welcome back to Liberia. Can you please tell us a little bit about yourself?

LG: Thank you for the welcome. I’m a very humble person that loves to see women empower themselves through beauty. I was born in Monrovia, Liberia, and currently resides in Pennsylvania, USA. As a child, my family moved to the U.S. to give my siblings and I a better life and to escape the civil war that lasted 15 years.

Upon my arrival in the United States, I soon gained a deep interest in the entertainment industry, mainly fashion and this underlying desire quickly turned to a deep passion for modeling. I have participated in several fashion shows, including African Fashion and Design Week and Dayton Fashion Week.

In 2010, I played a supporting role in the feature film “Heartless Lover” and starred in an independent short film “The Black List” also in 2012, which went on to win the African Oscar later that year.

LIB Life: What is the motivation behind the Master Queen Collection that you about to launch?

LG: I feel like women are into making sure that they look good. I feel like even in the western world a lot of women in are more updated when it comes to fashion. You see, people in Liberia and Africa know how to dress, and I feel that it is only right to have a cosmetic for people that can relate to Liberian-owned businesses. Why we are supporting other businesses around the world? It is time too for us to support our own. I love fashion and love to see women looking beautiful so having a brand that is Liberian-owned makes me happy.

LIB Life: Tell us what is so unique about the Master Queen Collection?

LG: Women love to wear lipsticks. Women love to be beautiful every day. This is exactly the kind of thing the lipstick can offer. My product speaks for itself and it is produced by one of the top manufacturing companies in the United States. My entire products are Food and Drug Administration approved in the state. This collection is going to definitely satisfy the long awaited desire of many Liberian women to uncover their beauty with a unique style that represents them.

LIB Life: Tell us about the creative process in making Angel’s Lip, and what are you planning to archive?

LG: The creative really falls down to what we intend to offer during a particular period of the year. The type of product I put out is what I want people to use at that time. My goal is to convince the next woman to buy my product and see the difference it brings to beauty. But because we love makeup does not mean that we do not embrace natural beauty. When you blend beauty with makeup it gives you the perfect look you desire.

LIB Life: Why do you decide to use Master Queen as the brand ambassador, and how did she agree to come onboard?

LG: Looking at Master Queen being one of the biggest female DJs in Liberia, it only makes sense to go with the woman that the public know very well and has the quality to represent the integrity of the brand. When we reached out to Master Queen to request that she becomes the brand ambassador, the first thing she said was I have to try the product first. Luckily when I came to Liberia two year ago, I left a small number of stock back home that she was able to test, and she loved it.

LIB Life: Why only two colors in the Master Queen Collection?

LG: I sent the ambassador more colors and I asked that she choose her favorite color so that we can work on it for Liberia since it is in the summer. She later chose two bold colors, black and brown lipsticks. I know people are thinking black lipsticks but it is very epic and sexy. I feel that everyone desires two colors that speak with their personality.

LIB Life: What has been the reception you have received so far since coming to plan the launch?

LG: Wow! The reception has been great; people cannot just wait for the launch.

LIB Life: Anything else you’d like to add?

LG: I appreciate you guys a lot; and after the launch, the product will be on sale at the Blush Clothing Boutique on Broad Street and Devine Beauty Palace that will soon be open at Duport Road. I’m grateful to my team for the hard work done so far; and guys, come with your dates.


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