Q &A with Ambassador Clarence Cooper


A few days after his return from South Africa, where he was walking the runway of the Portland High Fashion Show ‘Out of Africa’, LIB Life caught up with Mr. Universal Ambassador Clarence Success Cooper to talk about the fashion event and future plans.

LIB Life: So tell us what has been happening since you returned from Indonesia as Mr. Universal Ambassador – Africa?
Clarence Cooper (CC): Well a whole lot has happened. I have been able to establish contacts with international pageant directors and some international designers and models. And we’ve been working on how we can promote Liberian models. Based on this, I have been able to travel to Johannesburg and
Cape Town, South Africa, where I was able to walk the runway at an event there.

LIB Life: How was your stay in South Africa?

CC: It was an experience that I look forward to having again and again. I met with few designers and models that were willing to work along with me and I was highly motivated to push harder for the success of Liberian models. I was invited as an international model; and the event was organized by designer Noel Hiebner to raise financial support for the less privileged school going kids of Portland High School.

LIB Life: Who invited you and how did you get in touch with the event planner?

CC: Banda Mpheluza, a South African friend who has been following my success story and Philip Kekular, a Liberian model who is based in Cape Town, South Africa, sent me an invitation to attend the South African Fashion Week and to use the medium to seek opportunities for possible contracts with modeling agencies there. During my two-week stay in South Africa, I met with some designers; and one of them was Noel Hiebner, who invited me to walk on his show as an international model.

LIB Life: Did you receive any cash for participating in the event?

CC: Yes I did, though it was not a lot of money. But the recognition and contacts I was able to receive at the events is what matters most.

LIB Life: What was your best moment in South Africa?

CC: Walking the Runway at the event was my greatest moment. I was introduced as the Top International Model from Liberia and everyone stood up and gave me a standing ovation as I walked the runway.

LIB Life: We discovered that the next edition of Mr. Universal Ambassador Male Pageant will be held a few months from now, what are your plans as Ambassador for Africa?

CC: Well over the months I have been able to work along with few African countries to select their representatives for the event finals. These countries are: Nigeria, Namibia and Sierra Leone. As for Liberia, the audition for the Mr. Liberia Pageant will start this month. The winner will represent Liberia at the Mr.
Universal Ambassador Competition in Bali, Indonesia, this year; the 1st Runner Up will represent Liberia in London at the Mr. Africa International Male Pageant. So all those interested in contesting for the title should look out for the audition dates and venues.

LIB Life: Thanks for the interview, Mr. Ambassador. What are your final words?

CC: I want to use this time to say thanks to all my loving friends and fans who have been there supporting me from day one until now. I want to let you all know that this is just the beginning of many great events to come, and I will need your support to enable us create more opportunities for Liberian models.


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