Q & A—Kaifa Discusses LMA’s Success


The Second edition of the Liberia Music Awards (LMA), ended few weeks ago but K- Zee, DenG and Eric Geso captured big at one of the biggest events in the music industry. With the visa denial saga that hit them badly, we wondered how they managed to muster so much courage to have mastered such a challenge.

To led us through with the success, Kaifa Yamah, founder and chief executive officer of LMA told the Daily Observer as he talked about the secret.

LIB Life: What formulas did your team use to make LMA come to reality after that visa saga?

Kaifa: Formula as you may call it; our secret to LMA success is owed to getting LMA to the right people in the music industry. Promoting the Liberian Music to people that hasn’t been listening to Liberian music.

LIB Life: How did your team manage to increase the viewership for LMA this year?

Kaifa: Nothing much, but we’ve just been bless with the right people and individuals that are involved in the promoting of Liberia music on the ground, as well as the artists who are part of the growing process.

LIB Life: What should we expect from the LMA next year—2016?

Kaifa: A bigger and better event more than the second edition. We are hopeful that Ebola will not continue to resurface and artists that were denied visas could be given the second chance by the U.S. Embassy in Monrovia.

LIB Life: How did you feel about the recent LMA visa saga?

Kaifa: I felt very bad. However, the U.S. Embassy made their decision. We may not have an answer to it. Nevertheless, hope is still there for 2016.

LIB Life: What was the most exciting moment you can recall from the 2nd annual edition of LMA?

Kaifa: All the performances, a full house including other nationalities that joined us to celebrate Liberian music in one building.

LIB Life: Was there any nightmare you encountered on your way to success?

Kaifa: There were some but I consider it as a blessing or success that gave the LMA team more courage to succeed.

LIB Life: Thanks for your time.

Kaifa: The LMA team would like to welcome more sponsorship from businesses and individuals for its LMA 2016 event and we appreciate everyone’s support.


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