Q & A Eric Geso Talk About Career


Though Eric Geso may have been an underground artist, his catchy colloquial style has taken him to stardom quickly and the last year got the Afro Pop hit maker, two Liberia Music Awards (LMA) and hit songs that fire up the entire city.

The 25- year-old say the key to his success is tapping into fans’ thirst for danceable and catching mind music they can understand.

“This is a new era in Liberia music and it depends on the artist’s creativity to recognize the desire of the fans no matter what genre of music you engage,” Eric Geso said.
His rise to fame was so fast that Lib Life caught him with an interview to talk about his career.

LIB Life: Hi Eric Geso. Please tell us about yourself, your background, how you grew up and what drew you to music?

Eric Geso: I’m a Krahn boy born in Gboliken, Grand Gedeh county. My real name is Eric D. Torh. I graduated from the Monrovia Open Bible School. My mom was a tradition singer who loves music and she installed that into me as well as other Liberian artist that helped to motivate.

LIB Life: Do You Write your own song and what inspires your writing?

Eric Geso: Yes I do write my own song but before composing any song, I think about the connection the song can have with the public. Music is about the fans; I look at the kind of taste and tune the fans desire that will shift their feelings.

LIB Life: How do you feel winning the Liberia Music Awards and has it ushered your career in to more marketable state?

Eric Geso: I remain grateful to the fans for helping me win two awards. The competition was not easy, you have people that have stay long in the game nominated but end of the day the race was mine. As an award winner my career has taken another dimension and right now I’m hoping for endorsement deal. Still praying but know it will eventual happen.

LIB Life: Are you working on any project and when will it be out?

Eric Geso: Few days ago I release two new singles called “Today Pah” and “They know me” ft Coolnane and Shining Man, which has already been played on the airwaves. I’m also working on my No Spacing album to be dropping later this year.

LIB Life: When did you realize that music was what you could do with your life?

Eric Geso: it was in 2011, when I did my first song “Beauty”. From there Infectious Michael keep encouraging me saying: you got a bright star don’t let it go down without you cultivating it.

LIB Life: What the name Eric Geso hardhead boy?

Eric Geso: The name came from the hustle and I’m still on the hustle. It happen in the case were people don’t expect good to come out of you but you did manage to reach your dream, that is complete hardness for success.

LIB Life: Thanks for the interview, anything else to add?

Eric Geso: I’m just grateful to my fans for the love and support they have shown over the year. They made me who I’m.

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