‘Providence’ the Movie Premieres Dec. 15 in Monrovia


The highly anticipated ‘Providence’ movie which tells the story of two sisters and the lives of two families that collided in a heart-wrenching tale of love and the pursuit of happiness, premieres tomorrow.

The movie will premiere on Friday at the Silverbird Cinemas (TSMO Mall) with ticket prices set at US$25, US50 and US$100. Gates will open at 7 PM, the time set aside to take photos with the cast on the red carpet.

It has been reported that international actress Vivica A. Fox will be in the country for the premiere along with entire movie cast including Lisa Wu and Van Vicker.

Dr. Clarice Ford-Kulah, the film’s producer, said in an interview with LIB Life that the movie was done in an effort to tell a compelling story that involved the African-Americans’ first trip to Africa after the abolishment of slavery.

Dr. Clarice Ford-Kulah , producer of the movie ‘Providence.’

“We also wanted to tell a love story, one that would bring healing, forgiveness, and peace to our nation,” she said.

When asked what scene in the movie she thinks the audience would likely enjoy, she replied: “I believe the audience will enjoy the scene where Van Vicker’s character speaks candidly to his wife about why Africans and African-Americans can’t seem to get along.

“I say this; there is a myth in the US that we Africans sold them into slavery. As a result, we sometimes find that some of them react to us Africans differently. The scene connects the myth, whilst showing how similar we really are and thus must be caring and respectful of one another.”

‘Providence’ tells the story of the early settlement of emancipated and free-born American blacks in West Africa in the 1820s-30s. This fictionalized historical portrait sheds light on the social structures that the Americo-Liberians established on Providence Island, the relationships and bonds formed with the native people they meet there, and the birthing of the nation known as Liberia, land of the free.

The movie begins with Richlou Dunbar a Liberian businessman who returned from living in the United States because he was summoned back to Liberia for the reading of a will and to take over the running of his family’s hotel and restaurant business.

As the family gathers in Liberia, sparks fly when Richlou sees a former lover, Yassah, an indigenous ‘Country’ woman who worked as his family’s live-in maid from childhood.

Yassah is now a history professor at the University of Liberia, having left the Dunbar household at the first opportunity to pursue an education. Richlou convinces Yassah to accompany him to his grandmother’s house. There they stumble upon her diary, and Richlou decides to explore further, which opens a door for a lot of secrets.

But don’t let us spoil it for you. Be at the Silverbird Cinemas (TSMO Mall) tomorrow before 7 PM, the time set aside to take photos with the cast on the red carpet, including world renowned Vivica Fox and Lisa Wu and Van Vicker.



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