Princess Tarr Evicted From LABFest


The third week of the Little Angel Beauty Festival (LABFest), a Christian reality show for children, was marked by preaching activities dubbed ‘The Pulpit,” where each contestant took to the stage and delivered inspiring sermons on biblical themes, including forgiveness, love, faith, and worship.

After all the excitement, the night ended with Princess Tarr being evicted from the competition, though she delivered a powerful sermon on The Essence of Praise and Worship.

In her farewell statement, ‘Angel’ Princess said: “I want to thank all my guardian angels for helping to make me a better girl. Thanks also to the judges for seeing the best in me. To my angelic sisters, I will miss you; and my friends, family and supports, I thank you. You will see me again in the finals when we come back to close the academy.”

Bendu Massaquoi, who was announced the ‘Angel’ with the best performance, gave a sermon on salvation and ended her message with an altar-call, which saw people coming up to give their lives to Jesus Christ.

In her sermon, ‘Angel’ Bendu said “every day we wake up and hear bad news of wars, rapes, deaths and a lot. This tells us that this world is not safe and we all need Christ.”

She added that it is impossible to have a successful and fulfilled life without Christ.

“There is judgment, which is eternal. And if you want to live after earth’s experience, you need Christ in your life,” she said.

In separate remarks, the festival’s director, Richlue O. BURPHY, said Princess Tarr’s sermon was exceptional; unfortunately, her votes from the festival’s Facebook page and the voting tickets were low, accounting for 40 of the total 100 percent.

BURPHY encouraged parents to support their children by voting for them on Facebook, and called on friends to do the same.

‘Guardian Angel’ Richlue concluded by saying: “I believe the decision to dedicate this night to the pulpit was not wrong in any way. The Bible says we should train up a child in the way he/she should go. It didn’t say a way, but the best way.”


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