Prince Michael New Movie “ACROSS TOWN”


“Greetings to Liberia,” a television reality show that airs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 4:00PM on Real TV, is already one of the most watched shows on Liberian content TV channels.

The reality show enables Liberians to be able to send greetings to their friends, families and loved ones in Liberia from all around the world. It also gives the personal views of Liberians on issues unfolding in Liberia, be it social, political or economic.

“The Television series I am doing is a series that allows Liberians in the USA to connect with Liberians back home and give their views on issue unfolding in Liberia,” director/produce Prince Michael says.

We saw the first season of “Greetings to Liberia” and all 5 episodes had us hooked and wanting to hear more from Liberians around the planet. Now in its second season and already at its 2nd episode, we’ve just learned that director/producer Prince Michael of “Greetings to Liberia” has something more up his sleeve—a new movie called “Across Town”.

Prince Michael, as he’s popularly known, is one of Liberia’s inspiring filmmakers who’s been in the industry of directing, acting and making reality and television talk shows for the past 11 years.

A director/producer in television, and also an executive producer/ director/ presenter/audio visual editor, Prince Michael has  been in the film business,  creating visual ecstasy for his viewers.  He has just added another explosion to his already good portfolio.

“I’ve been working in filming since 2003. I have  directed a couple of television talk shows but not a major movie yet. I acted in Divine Love in Ghana in 2003 and also worked in a set of Crime to Christ and other major productions with Venus Film Production in Ghana” Prince shared.

Though Prince Michael claims “Across Town” is his first movie project, a movie that is said to be centered around two rival gangs fighting for control over a street block, the storyline sounds very catching and is  a must watch.

“Remember this film is centered on gang-related activities and those are black and Spanish gangs. Instead of them fighting with guns and knives in this movie, the gang leaders decided to battle for control through rap, dance boxing and American football in order to gain control “ACROSS TOWN.”  Either gang must win at least 3 of the challenges.” Prince narrated.

According to Prince Michael, “Across Town” came to his mind as a result of his friend, Abraham, dying to gang violence near a particular neighborhood a few days after his arrival to the US.

“ This movie is about educating gang members that some issues can be or are resolved more easily if they are willing to work together as teams instead of against each other as gangs. So far there are only two  Liberians involve in the pre-production stage, myself and another producer, but we are hoping to cast more Liberians as we come closer to shooting,” he disclosed.

It’s enlightening to see Liberian film makers expressing reality that Liberians face out of Liberia, and Prince will give a dimensional opportunity to set foot into the life of gang bangers.


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