Praise for Caesar

The late Ruth Caesar

Tribute to the Memory of a Patriotic Leader, Ruth Caesar

By Togba-Nah Tipoteh

We come to praise Caesar
And not to bury her
Though she has crossed the sea bar
The good she did will not be buried with her
Talking about this memory
Let us take a moment to recall
We recall her brilliant Stance for Women
Through Liberia’s historic hall
Remembering human beings, women and men
That women too have rights
For a woman too is human
And human rights include women’s rights
Rights for the man means rights for the woman
We recall her brilliant Stance for Meritocracy
In the midst of the dominant manly State
With the pretense at building democracy
She called for women to stand up at the Plate
And work together to make Liberia better
We recall her brilliant Stance for Democracy
In the midst of the money-driven attitude
Bursting with the smell of hypocrisy
That lacks any iota of moral rectitude
For where would democracy be
Were there not to be the participation of women
Who together with youth comprise the majority that be
To take national action in the interest of women and men
Last but certainly not the least to recall
Is the Mobite Woman, Ruth, of 3000 years ago, who married an Israelite
Viewing being peaceful together with all people as her living call
With rights and justice for all to bring peace into sight


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