‘POSITIVE Change for a SECURE Future’


It is often said that “Out of sight, out of mind.” This saying is highly believable, except when it comes to Eugenia Shaw and Sarah Güsten-Marr – two young women who left Liberia a long time ago but are back embarking on a project that will leave a positive reflection on the country and its citizens. Their project will focus on health, education and the arts!

Although Gusten-Marr and Shaw might not have any recollection of their time in Liberia, they fervently have their ancestral home at hearts and have joined forces to help bring about positive changes in the Liberian society to give a positive perception of Liberia to the world.

The two women arrived in the country two days ago and are scheduled to meet with officials of the Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism (MICAT).

“Both women have joined forces to help bring about a ‘POSITIVE Change for a SECURE Future’ of Liberia, by working with the Liberian people,” A media guru in Monrovia said.

To celebrate this positive union Güsten-Marr’s song “Forgotten” will be released in Liberia during the visit.

Eugenia Shaw lives in London, England, and is the founder of the charity organization HIV and AIDS Action for Liberia (HAAL) while Sarah Güsten-Marr, an International artist who lives in Yorkshire, North England, is the owner of Gallery GM. She revealed that she was orphaned as a child.

“They might have left their country for many, many years but they still have their hearts stuck to their ancestral roots. This is why they are embarking on this project,” revealed someone close to the ladies.

The women will focus their attention on “educating Liberian women” because “when you educate a woman, you have educated a nation. This is gradually taking effect in Liberia and is having a trickle-down effect on the Liberian society.”

‘POSITIVE Change for a SECURE Future’ is the slogan that Eugenia Shaw and Sarah Güsten-Marr have coined as part of their efforts to shed positive light on Liberia.

The women have a connection to Liberia, and feel the need to help ancestral land. Eugenia Shaw’s family on both sides is from Liberia. Her charitable organization, HAAL, has already been working on the ground.

Güsten-Marr was raised internationally, but has never forgotten her native country Liberia, from where she was adopted in 1970, after the death of her biological mother.

Eugenia Shaw chose Sarah Güsten-Marr to be patron of HAAL, as she is a glorious example of endurance and positivity. Shaw feels this will help Güsten-Marr embrace HAAL’s aims and objectives and wholeheartedly help to implement these objectives. Both women have become firm friends and enjoy working together to showcase their beloved Liberia.

Release date for the song “Forgotten” to be announced soon.

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