Popular Reggae Star Caught in Drug Bust After Tip-Off?


It is alleged that reggae artist Rabbie Nassrailah, commonly known as Nasseman, was on January 20, 2016 arrested for the possession of 90.0 grams of marijuana worth L$17,500 (US$200).

“We know that he’s a Rasta, but we are not aware of him selling it at his business place. But that doesn’t mean his customers don’t bring it there when they go there for drinks,” stated bartender, Tasha Cole.

It’s not clear if anybody was caught smoking marijuana at Nasseman’s entertainment bar off Fiamah Market when the LDEA raided the place. But according to police reports from the Liberian National Police, Nasseman was arrested after intelligence was handed over to the Liberian Drug Enforcement Agency (LDEA).

“The raid was conducted after an order from the Ministry of Justice and LDEA based on their investigations,” added Tasha Cole.

Nasseman has denied all claims and stated that the media has been spreading the “over-exaggerated” story and is doing so to tarnish him rather than help build and protect his positive endeavors.

“They searched and interrogated some of my customers and myself and that was it; afterwards, we went home. Nothing was absolutely confiscated or no drugs were found on me, on my premises or any of my customers. This kind of rumor doesn’t make sense. Where’s the sense in that thing? The amount of money and drugs they are claiming was taken off me is small, like the money I’m making is not enough,” he stressed via phone.

A source at the Liberian National Police said Nassemen was invited to the station, but was later cleared and released with no charges brought against him.


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