Before I became a cuddly infant

Before the dawning of new day

Before the nurses held my tiny little form

Before I opened my pink purplish mouth to cry

Before they put me in swaddling white wrap

You Thought Of Me

Before food you fed me manna

Before I stretched my tiny ligaments

Before they saw the glow in my brown eyes

Before my kinky golden hair scooped into a high

Before the hands helped to make me this daughter

You Thought of Me

Before the trucks broke its breaks

Before the plan of bad faith to crush me

Before unhappiness filled my family heart

Before I even grew to sing loud for the Lord

Before that Christmas carol night years ago

You Thoughts Of Me

Before the tides changed recently

Before the planes boarded and flew

Before sickness plagued to handicapped

Before the vile mouths of some cursed me

Before the wicked plan of the bad heart stood

You Thought Of Me

Before reason prevailed much

Before a place was in solid rock

Before the twisting branches broke

Before the refining of earth’s best minerals

Before anger destroyed on woman’s labour

You Thought Of Me


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