You did it, Madiba!


When you stood up with hands in the skies, wanting to touch the face of the sky

Vowing to invoke freedom to a land, struck by violence against your race- the black man

You stood tall, taller than Kilimanjaro, your fist, mightier than steel’s back

You did it son! You did it Madiba!

From the gates of Robben Island, you were locked, chained like a cattle

Nailed to the wall, stuck with yourself, filled with grief for a nation that lived in your heart

In your dream, you could see horrors and nightmares, questions looming in your minds

“What am I doing? Can I fight the devil of apartheid? Can I nail his fist? Can I take him to the ocean and leave him there to drown? One day you will, echoed by the breeze and yea you did!

You did it father! You did it Madiba!

On the floor of Pollsmoor prison, you were thrown, bare, left to rot, forgotten from the minds of people

Maybe someday you’d freeze or fret, or get blown away with a storm that blows like a hurricane

Or you’d die, fighting for a cause, bigger than your heart, or you’d bargain for your release, bargain for a house, or car or a place at the table. But you didn’t, you kept doing your thing!

You did it comrade! You did it Madiba!

At victor vester prison, you’d lie on your back, weary of the future,

What a land did you dream of?  A nation with arms wide as an octopus that can hold all of its citizens

A land for the white, the black, the Indian, the Africans, the blue the purple- the rainbow nation!

Today, you’ve made it! You’ve written your name, solid in the caves of history, your country is a rainbow nation.

You did it Nelson! You did it Madiba!


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