Work Work Work


Hard work has never killed anyone
Man was made to work this world
To fashion the roughs to be smooth
With an eye for beauty to find stones
Buried way in the center of the earth
Work with these hands to rival decay
Just …… Work Work Work
Handiwork never leaves anyone hungry
Many have become millionaires today
Together with a will to rise over failures
Wisdom nearby empowers every eager
Born to conquer the environment at will
Wealth is created right in your own palm
Jet speed ….Work Work Work
Hardwork props your palace in marbles
Maneuver the toughs to shine for beauty
Tolerate weakness in a quest to liberate
Widen the horizon on the purple sunset
Brown a color of earth made for our best
Weave cobwebs for super minds to cheer
Jest at seconds …. Work Work Work


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