Women in tears


My journey started with a step.
I know my destiny but lost on the start.
What will it take? What if it’s just a habit? What will people say?
I needed to walk this thought out so I walked, I walked, I walked.
It’s clear now.
This is my purpose.
This is my life.
Just like the dung beetle, the only one that can explain why is my maker.
I’m thankful to the ones that encourage me.
Thank you, thank you, and thank you.
But on the real, I’m extremely grateful to the ones that try to discourage me.
The ones that laughed at my dream in front and behind me.
So to all my villains I TIP off my hat to you.
You see when you hate, I strive even more.
I have nothing to prove to you because from the womb I was destined for greatness.
Even my fetal kicks were great and felt.
You are my scars to my success.
My rocks that cause me to stumble just to let me know I will always come back up and stronger.
For each time I win an award I hope you are there to watch.
Please ……PLEASE….PLEASSSSSEEEE try not to cry; you will need a tearless eye to see my success.


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