Where The Stars Fall


Reach high into the abstract skies

With open palms cuddle the clouds

Gather them like you fold cotton

Picked white form the willowy shrub

Someplace beneath the dried leaves

Where The Stars Fall

A shiny twinkle is laid covered in dust

Search calmly the debris will fade off

And to your amazement some reward

Stand sturdy to withstand the fast darts

Crystal strands flutter like dust particles

Where The Stars Fall

Right other greats fell in like manner

Wiggling aggressively to bounce back

Gaining the magnitude once possessed

Priced as a place of up rising to the wean

Somber for victory propels to new levels

Where The Stars Falls

Attired sharp for lost time robs winners

Silver as the glow in the darkness of night

Alleviate small thoughts which only slows

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Candid as the early dew flaunt your styli

Where The Stars Fall


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