When Night Falls…


When night falls,

That’s when you face yourself,

Family members and friends disappear,

Walking the beautiful streets no longer matters,

The echoes of melodic rhythms fail to satiate your quest,

Oh! When night falls, oblivion consumes the earth.

When night falls,

And you are barricaded by your own walls,

That’s when the real deal begins,

When you weep, you scream and cannot sob,

It’s only you and your unconscious companions,

If only the walls could speak,

The facts would be revealed.

When night falls,

The bed fails to accommodate you,

The pillows no longer absorb your tears,

You are consumed by fear.

Oh! When night falls,

And you become hopeless,

The journey even becomes endless.

When night falls,

You are encircled by uncertainties,

Persevere and remain focus,

With faith and hope for new status,

Rejuvenation unveils itself.

Oh, when you are revived,

Nightfall disappears!

Inspired by: Hawa Morgan Tyler


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