We Are Marching


Away from the figures that pile so high
Into a zone of comfort for a short season
Shaking off the dust we accumulated then
Not remembering too our eyelid are shaded
Hasting into the tomorrow still in the past
We Are Marching……….

As fleeting scenes from a melee of time
The cries echoes from mouths of unborn
Resonates how warm and even cold we are
Deeds of selfless generosity breaks barriers
Feeds into the corners of where morsel lacks
We Are Marching………..

Build of a happy statute to embrace all kind
Settled by no accident rather a divine means
Flowered as roses lillies habiscus and irises
Just to add lusters of glittery beads to the sky
Come off the wall join hands to sparkly smiles
We Are Marching…………


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