Are we the people of Liberia
Still wondering in hysteria
About how our suffering continues
Seemingly endlessly in all venues?

Are we the people of Liberia
Still dozing in hysteria
Wondering about the future
To be favored by nature?

Are we the people of Liberia
Still dreaming in hysteria
Pondering about where to go
When things go chakla and below?

Yet, many of us for money sake
Continue to be on the take
Taking whatever we can get
Acting like we always forget

That the problem with us is us
When we sell our votes and face the loss
We lose because we follow money
Paying attention only to the honey

Sweet with promises always not kept
Promises not even meant to be met
Yet in all of this
We always miss

The wisdom of the Warner
The warning from Bishop Warner
Who told us from his heart
Not keeping us apart

When he wisely said
Not seeking to be paid
The problem with us is us
So why make all this fuss?

March 1, 2016
Monrovia, Liberia


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