Two Water Cage Pushers


I was descending the Capitol Hill today

Many cars were passing up and down

Each about his or her Tuesday business

Like a freshly opened yellow rose petal

Nature dictates my glow like the wild fields

Suddenly they manually dragged and pushed

A metal wrought cage with dirty water jerry cans

Maybe a dozen plus five gallons of life’s juiciest

Two Water Cage Pushers…….

The guys not properly men were scantily dressed

In dropping jeans as expected with bare loud chests

One in the back the other up before the metals danger

Try to transport gallons of utility water for daily use

With all the strength in their frail frames they tugged

There not so far from my labored breathing nostril

Filtered by the motion of scented clean circular air

On the brakes impress to give them a day of success

Two Water Cage Pushers…….

Slow as if stuck to the ground they ruggedly crawl by

Threat to spill over if their caps were not tightly on

Struggling no to be sold to the end users who waited

Just for the filthily gallons to reach near their doors

No thought of what germs it held the users rushed on by

Relief that water was home to make some sweet food

After the whole day of washing linen in the house

Two Water Cage Pushers…….


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