Tribute to the Memory of Comrade-in-Work John Tubu Kanweaye


Teacher, law-maker/law respecter and political activist (The Chairman)

By Togba-Nah Tipoteh
Everywhere you went
Without your principles bent
People called you Teacher
Though you were not a Preacher
You were an Opener of the Way
To give access to the poor every day
This is precisely why
Without any form of cry
Your Parents named you Kanweaye
The Grebo Language for Open the Way
This is precisely why
Without any form of cry
You became a School Teacher
To school the poor about the greedy digger
Who digs holes in which to place the poor
While their greed prevents access to the door
That provides access for the poor
To free themselves from the “Open Door”
As you have left us physically
You remain with us spiritually
Because your Legacy is well made
Bearing through work the highest grade
Working not for yourself
But working for the other-self


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