Tribute ot Fallen Statesman and Patriot, Bismarck N. Kuyon


B – Brilliantly, you stood the test of time and so your life is worth emulating

 I – Impartially you fought gallantly like sainted Dolokelen Gboveh, Barsee Kparngbai and your father David Kuyon putting people’s interest first

S – Surprisingly, as a grass rooter, you found way in the politics and was speaker of the Legislature

M – Memory of yours will forever remain unforgotten

A – Agriculturist, you were and did cling to it until your demise at 75

R – Resourcefully, in relentless efforts you made strides settling conflicts during the Liberian civil crisis

C – Come what may, you have set the pace

K – Kinsmen of yours will forever remember your legacy

N. – New transformation, new generation on we go

K – Kindly, forgive those who might have hindered your earthly progress

U – “United we stand to fight for our common good”, you always said

Y – You, the people of Liberia, mostly the youths, please keep the torch of peace burning

O – Onward lift your banner high, Bismarck, forward march like a Christian soldier

N – Negligence was never your lifestyle but rather patriotism


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