Tribute of the Man


This is a tribute

Of an old man who died

Maintaining peace and stability.

His will was clear, his will was strong

The world is bewailing

Though we sit at time

Under our arbor with our

Caldron bubbling aside

Thinking who will fill the gap

I know saving children was one of his goals,

Which no man had ever thought of

Death, you have caused us heart-rending

Though you are necessary but at the

Wrong time you come and take the wrong person

Melancholy is in our midst,

Which has necessitated the need of

Someone like you to intercede on

Our behalf

I wish I could have the power to

Bring back the dead

But I know that I will meet

You there one day in paradise

We are afraid in the interlunar

Where our throats will be cut a dull cutlass

And our voices will not be heard

Because our earthly father has gone

Why death?

Our father has gone so painfully

As if he has been wrong for doing what he did

Long live his spirit in perpetual peace

And perpetual love from our savior


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