Korpo stuns me everytime I meet her
In a male dominated area in her boots
Her duty calls at nights out in the cold
Sweetly as a sip of air she talks security
Tonight I cannot sleep at all as she sits
On the white Australian polythene chair
Up over her back I raised a tent wall bar
It could me found in that place probably
Will I embrace my choice of job so well?
The Security Lady

Korpo has eyes like a sparkle white dove
Mahogany cannot justify her shiny beauty
Jet black by day or night with some glow
Remarkably she steps up to all tasks given
Seated as against sleepers the rain pours
Uniformed still to the black pant white top
Painted girly in her fuscia warmer till dawn
Destined to make it over the valley enroute
Will I appreciate what life sways dish me?
The Security Lady

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