Let the communities know
Whichever place we go
That Mary B is eighty-seven
With the Blessings of God from Heaven
Yes, Mary B is eighty-seven
With the Angels singing for her from Heaven
It is not for nothing
But definitely for something
That the time of her Birthday
Is near International Women’s Day
On the eighth of March every year
Near the twelve of March every year
For Mary B is the People’s Laureate
Her Global Impact, the People appreciate
Do not think for a moment
Not to mention any agreement
That at eighty-seven, she is too old
To continue People’s Struggle so bold
For her wit is mightier than any sword
Just test her and you will behold
The wonders of her mind yet untold
This is why we come with truth to be told
That Mary B at eighty-seven is stronger
That Mary B at eighty-seven is better
At doing what is right
Doing so with all her might
This why we come here today
To say to Mary B Happy Birthday

March 12, 2016
Monrovia, Liberia

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