The “Pehn Pehn”


Goodbye infamous metal horse

Your inglorious death has come

Signaled by ruckus street threats

Goodbye not to be missed a shred

Ridding our future of amputees

“The Penh Penh”

Goodbye to the live human bombs

The season of maiming finally come

Limbs cut shaking like leaves in the wind

Carelessly to a rough uncouth rider

“The Penh Penh”

Goodbye to this traffic menace

No helmets match slippered  feet

Eyes boys covered in dark morning shades

Rude boys who speak a vile lingual

Ransacked a tempo with mob violence

“The Penh Penh”

Goodbye finally suicide bombers

Courageous rescued from this plague

Stemmed out with iron clad black boots

Sensibility restored dutifully for civility

Farewell evil raiders of daylight terror

“The Penh Penh”


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