Everybody running helter-skelter for the breaking news
Of some pending anecdote of eerie happenings in town
Of people and situations and all that can ever be known
Sitting in tight corners and cramped spaces all day long
Hatai the Fula men sell with groundnuts they discussed
In cars and buses and at homes they chat the day’s news
All the tales as eager ears heed those shocking stories
For in them it’s an understanding to make it all better
As with everything done in the previous and will differs
Certainly this unraveling was never foreseen from afar
Yet with them are flaws maybe that ought to be known
Yet with them there are flaws that should be mended
In times no matter what so many will voice otherwise
Thus it is indeed a moment to see the best of the worst
People can fight for the best even in dire times they say
Tomorrow can be better and the town serene and happy

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