I nearly stepped on tender toes that day
I was down on the United Nations Drive
I had been way in thoughts about money
I was sure this encounter was meant to be
I walked right in my high heeled black pump
I was once innocent and little but helped too
I could see her parents were trying very hard
I watched her feet they were clean from bath
I saw her skin shine from grease she rubbed
I watched her go by with things in her hands
The Little Dark Girl

I looked more at her back pink top and skirt
I looked for long at the wares she held tightly
I saw five small fishes wrapped in a box sheet
I also saw onions and pepper in the other hand
I know this was her share of the cooking stage
I see her scale the fish and peel the onions too
I image how she would blow the coal to light it
I imagine how many other baby girls are maids
I wish they have a more nurturing childhood now
I had grown up clothed in love and a wall of care
The Little Dark Girl


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