“The Legendary Code” (Part 1)


By Maxwell Marsah

Oh! How bright is thy star

That shines forth from the dusty and underdeveloped corner of the west coast of Africa

It penetrates the African continent and lightens the length and breadth of the European nations

The whole world recognize it as one of the greatest and luminous stars among trillions of stars

It found the path of peace and good will among men

It stretches the arms of light and life from across the oceans to brighten societies dumped deep into the darkness of struggle, starvation, and war around our world

How could the Senate not behold this great light?

And, oh yes, it did eventually and held it with great honor and dignity

Millions of people around our country saw the brightness of this star and lifted up their banners

Among many sectors of this life, the star was lifted to the top of these millions of banners, to be seated among many great legends in world history

The generations after this generation will read books about one of the most successful men the world has ever known

Oh thou giant star among many stars, reveal unto us the young generation thy great path to success

And render redemption from condemnation unto all our people

Oh thou great star!




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