The government is a beast’s den


By Gideon Nma Scott, Jr.

The government is a beast’s den
Designed right before my eyes;
As many were blinded by rhetoric
And the lies were said at night.

You believe as you were told
Through their media dummies;
While big guys pull your legs
The wicked woman sneaked in.

Enlightened with deceit and dogmatism,
She speaks of herself a hero
With skulls and bones, some mysterious;
The beast plans to reap the last

All for greed, the nation bleeds,
Falsehood, pretense that’s what she gives
While the youth protest for a fair share
Their song was silenced with another lie

Freedom was shared
Before my eyes in the upper room
It was given in return for the natives land;
The cunning beast reaped it all

For a score and two
The natives wept
The blood of great sons was spilt
The woman consoled, it was good
Of the lewdness of rich men’s devious ties;

The big guys call it politics
The trick to enrich oneself
And damn the native land for good
The government is a beast’s den.


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