Mother Moore.jpg

The good wife is a partner and a friend
Always there for you; the one on whom you can depend
She always defends you
She is there when you need a confidante
Because she believes in you, she’ll be a torchbearer for you
The good wife is a mother, teaching us to love and care for one another
She teaches us pride in who we are
She’s a good wife, in good times and bad ones, too
Always encouraging, comforting and cheering you
And when all is said and done she makes sure your memory lives on
She vowed to be with you ‘til the end
And even when her work on earth is done,
She’ll still be at your side where she belongs
Mother Gilian, the good wife
Take a bow
You stood the test of time, victory you have won
A good wife who lived a life exemplary
You will go down in history
Good wife take your place among the stars


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