The Forgotten People


By Edward N. Boakai

Despite the natural resources that abound,
They’re known as rich people abroad;
Yet at home, they’re a poor people,
A forgotten people in their homeland!
Only a few enjoy the bounty,
Of the many riches here and there;
But the vast majority live in obvious poverty
They’re like strangers in their motherland!
They lack basic social needs,
Like roads, schools and electricity;
They’re marginalized and even deprived,
Of the natural wealth that abound!
They live in a society,
Where the order of the day is:
“Every man for himself, God for all”;
No security, no welfare at all!
Is there any hope for such people,
Whose future is virtually insecure?
This is the plight of the vast majority;
Who’re like a forgotten people,
In the land of their nativity!


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