People seeking better lives far off
Crammed under wooden boat decks
Like used clothes shipped from afar
In high numbers they squeeze them
Over one another like sand in bags
Children too are mired so savagely
A harvest of death from the dark pits
The Cost of Air

People of all creed tones so shady
Long to find a peace stuck deep in
Bare as leaves in the wild a hunger
To see a land of gold to white wings
Migrants freely will to sea ride danger
Awaken the trade so condemned now
Slow by create wealth by your will stay
The Cost Of Air

Cash mounts to ease for common air
Like sponge heads are trodden sadly
The evil green leave open tubes to life
Suppressed denied of a chance to reach
A palace dreamt of as a paradise in wait
Times repeats acts of cruelty to humanity
Do something today to discourage flights
The Cost of Air

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