The Caged Bird Now Leaps


This earth is a cage

Surrounded by walls of hate

Of strife, stress and envy

Held by deceit, manned by backstabbers

Holed in a pit

Buried in one tight fit

Faced with stares of troubles and woes

This earth is a cave

Now you’re free

Roaming like a bee

Soaring like an eagle

Traveling like an ostrich

The cages bird now leaps

Flapping her wings with a swing

Singing with a smile

Of a time well spent

You’re off the stag

But your spirit hovers

Covering every space

Still breathing in our minds

You’re gone but here

Like yesterday you were there

You’ve flipped a new page

You remain that phenomenon woman

History never wrote you

You did

They never did in their rage

You inked your name

You got your wage

You’ll rise again

Someday, maybe-again

Life is vague

The caged bird leaps-beyond the grave.


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