Tender Soul


Made of all but little bones for a frame

all soft like a roll of neat white tissue

Tucked and packed like a postcard

Mailed to a distant land for a dear one

Beneath all of this is the cracked shell

All broken and covered in flow of tears

Tender Soul

Near to my inner core the tear felt most

It is natural to be feeble when it all rocks

Breathe out the rivers of sac emotions

Make room to dry patch for new growth

Forget the pretense that clouds the skies

Look forward through changed seasons

Tender Soul

Entreat the shames to valleys but rise up

Bang the shots of naked hatred about you

Cover the menacing tug of riots with words

Placid as streams in nature attract grandeur

Humbly the persistence for better enlarges

Pulse at every leaf sway enjoy the intricacy

Tender Soul


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