Tell Me How Come


By Ivan Brooks, Sr.

Tell me how come you so cold
Like a bottle of Club Beer in December
Reminiscent of the good days of old
Which most prefer not to remember
Memories of a bittersweet yesterday
That was characterized by great pains
Inflicted upon us by coerced child soldiers
Who took lives and pulled hell curtains
Upon our mothers, children and elders.

Oh small soldier, never will I ever forget
Your bloodshot eyes and your cold demeanor
Euphoric soldiers, I know you do regret
Especially since you took the Holy Communion
Tell me how come you so quick to forget
When you ruled the checkpoints and streets
Demanding your big brothers to genuflect
As you cooked your glaywee and buckle-wheat.

Oh Freedom fighters, terrible were your deeds
The thought of which makes me remember
When we ate rationed unprocessed beer seeds
Reminiscent of that fateful day in September
Call it the day I died and came back to life
When I crossed over the mighty St. Paul River
Nursing my wounds, courtesy of your rusty knife
You used to wound me at the checkpoint in Po River.
Tell me how come you no longer remember me
Look at the scars stamped to my inner thoughts
Is it because I no longer look the same?
I think it’s because Jah turned on the forgiveness light.


  1. ” Tell me how come ” is a special piece of poetry because it represents part of the terrible ordeal many of us had to endure at the hands of ”coerced child soldiers” . Like me .they too were victims .Today ,I call them victims because I have been healed and the hands of times have sealed the emotional wounds stamped to my soul .


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