Tanzania base


Your name sends a chill

Your face sends a silent cold, traveling through spines, like needles

Hidden under the enclaves of CARI,

Deep in the bosom of Bong!

When men, like chicks, ran to your arms for shelter

You opened a door, hid them under your feathers

From the gnashing sounds of gunshots and stray bullets

Bringing a relief, life was about to breathe again!

In the darkest of dark,

You pushed them out to the wolves

Shut your huts

Took off your doors

Demolished your windows

Unmasked your face

And, like a coward, you fled

Oh Tanzania base! Why?

You could have left us alone!

Let the lions devour us then!

Or, we would have buried ourselves alive!

But you gave us hope, masked by terror!

And left us out to dry

Wish your name could vanish like a dream

Oh Tanzania base, you are a beast!


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