Amazing it is to envisage them all wrestling for riches
Scarcely has it arisen and the tongues are set ablaze
Those once shrewd minds now imbibe with naïve thoughts
Nowadays the scramble continues to relish the riches
Secret meetings and conceal enticements all in the making
Rumors of deals and concealed contracts millions to garner
Stories of discoveries that worth a trillion we regard
Tangled we are into this web the new enemy we embrace

Bitterness seems likely as some shares just so gigantic
Only the allies to proliferate as thousands will writhe
But enjoy all must for the treasure was bestowed to all
In this tangled web secrets revealed to despoil the glory
The judicious will succeed whereas the chumps languish
The tangled web to hide it all but the wise will perceive
This new fortune a catastrophe imminent no question
Unwearyingly we hold our breaths to watch the outcome


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